Number Plate Surrounds

Here at Dubflecta we are constantly sourcing new products that help to enhance your VW. Here are some top quality number plate surrounds that we have had commissioned for your bus. These are top quality numberplate surrounds that are designed to work with pressed metal plates. They will also work well with UK standard size perspex number plates.

Choose from 7 different designs, Volkswagen Transporter T4, Volkswagen Transporter T5, Autohaus Wolfsburg. I love my Dub, Built NOT bought, Praise The Lowered, Assembled in Germany, perfected in the UK and finally Lower Class, Down and Out. Priced per pair.

The manufacturer of these Surrounds have recently started to produce a purpose built key that help to open them without breaking the locking tabs. Although they are not a necessity, they will certainly help to prolong the life of your surrounds.