Dubflecta LED products

Dubflecta has been supplying dubbers with a number of innovative LED products. We have a wide range of LED products available from replacement Festoon interior bulbs right up to our fantastic Chameleon system which many of you have seen at the shows this year.

We have a brand new product that we are very pleased to launch. T4s have notoriously bad headlights as standard and there are a number of products available that help to improve this. We have tested many of the available products but they are either to expensive, complicated to fit or just do not provide enough of an improvement. We recently tested some of the new generation LED bulbs which are a direct replacement for your H4 Halogen bulbs. These NEW generation LED bulbs have both Hi and Low beams and are Canbus error free. This means that they will work in newer vans that give a message on your dash to tell you when you have a blown bulb. These LEDs headlight bulbs are a huge improvement if you have standard headlights in your T4, T5 and T5.1.

This weekend whilst working at VW Action, we rigged up a T5 headlight with one of these LED bulbs and took some photos.
Our camera could not cope with a direct photo of the headlight.....


 .... So we took a photo from behind the headlamp. It wasnt quite dark yet but you can see what a huge improvement they are, remember this is just one headlamp!

Here are some pics sent to us by our customers using these bulbs 

These facntastic bulbs are RRP £59.99. We have secured a fantastic introductory deal so we can reduce the cost to just £39.99 per pair. This will be one of the best mods for your van! 


Remote Control Grille Light

Many of you have seen this in action on the Dubflecta Promo van and its a really amazing and fun accessory.


This product is a really great solution for the back of your day van or camper project. It has a number of modes where you can set it as a regular dimmable white light or you can have is smooth colour changing or even turn the back of your van into a disco using the flashing facility. 


If you like the Dubflecta 5M Party LED strip you will Love the Dubflecta 5M Chameleon LED strip. This is a remote control LEd strip with 93 different chasing mode. It creates a stunning effect either inside your van or alternativelyy it can be fixed to a flag pole and you will always be able to find where you have camped at night time. As soon as we put this light on at shows people tend to come from all around to see whats going on and to say Hi so this one is certainly not for you if you are shy. 

Dubflecta Chameleon light inside van

And heres the same light on a flag pole!!

Chameleon light on a pole


 T4 LED sidelight bulbs. As you can see in the photo they are not only muchbrighter than the standard bulb, these LED sidelight bulbs use alot less energy so you are much less likely to have a flat battery if you leave them on by mistake.


PayPal Simple Storefront

PayPal Simple Storefront

Dubflecta Super Bright 48 LED Panel interior lights give amazing brightness and are also very low power consumption. These are available in Green, Blue Or White


PayPal Simple Storefront


PayPal Simple Storefront

PayPal Simple Storefront

Our new LED interior Festoon bulbs contain 16 bright LEDS and are a direct replacement for your interior Festoon Bulbs. They are available cool white and use minimal power.