Hello, Welcome to the online home of Dubflecta.  

Dubflecta supply a high quality range of accessories for VW Transporter and other models. Our focus is on high quality, affordable accessories that are not only stylish but also help to serve a practical purpose. Every product that we supply has been specifically chosen for their quality finish and ease of fitting. 
Our Wind deflectors allow fresh air to enter your car or van whatever the weather, without creating a draft. The deflectors are easily fitted within minutes and not only allow you to enjoy fresh air, they also enhance the look of your vehicle. The Deflectors enable you to drive with the window slightly open no mater what the weather and this helps to keep your windscreen demisted at all times.
Head lamp protectors and bumper protectors not only enhance the look of your vehicle but they help to prevent damage in their specific areas.
We also supply rear spoilers that are an excellent fit and are ready to be painted then bonded to your vehicle