Wind Deflector fitting instructions

 Full fitting instructions are supplied with every purchase.

 Firstly, remove the protective plastic film that covers the deflectors. Then lower your window and place the deflector inside your window channel, starting at the mirror end first. Now raise and lower your window a few times and the deflector should find the correct position.
To fix the wind deflectors in position there are 8 spring clips. 4 clips should be used on each deflector to hold it in place. Each clip has 2 small barbs on one side. The barbed side should face inside the car.
Position 1 clip at a time and with barbs facing into the car. Use a flat head screw driver or a blunt knife to push the clips into position.

Once all 4 clips have been fitted the Wind deflector will be secured in place. 
NB If you are fitting your deflectors on a cold day and your car has very tight window rubbers it is advisable to heat them with warm water which will make them expand.

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